TulipLab is equipped for complete, cutting-edge pharmaceutical formulation development. At Tulip, we create formulation ideas as well as process advancement. Here, formulation begins with a keen analysis of crude materials and intermediates.

We create and approve investigative techniques to bolster crude material testing,and ICH stability testing.

Formulations at Tulip are highly flexible. Tulip has the capacity to deal with almost all significant extracts and translate them into advanced medicinal products. Tulip is extremely adaptable and versatile in its formulation operations. We can attempt assembly of super-small batches to millions of tonnes of product.


Two-piece Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules

Our two-piece hard-shell gelatin encapsulation meets the numerous specifications of a range of nutritional products. Gelatin is a processed and refined animal protein. It is obtained from bones, hides and collagenous connective tissues. It’s variety of industrial uses makes it commonly available. 


TulipLab offers a highly effective range of capsules customized as per client requirements. We can provide Hard Shell Gelatin Capsules, Halal Gelatin Capsules, Vegi Caps, Kosher Caps and more. Our production output capacity per month is approximately 20 million capsules. We offer a turnaround time of just 24 hours for small orders.

Halal Gelatin Capsules

The gelatin used here is sourced from bovines which adhere to the highest global standards and specifications of Halal.