Private Label

TulipLab is one of India’s premier pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and private labelling service provider. Based in Mumbai, India, TulipLab believes in blending the wealth of ancient Indian medicinal knowledge into global healthcare solutions.

Tulip’s product bouquet constitutes a range of exceptional anti-infectives, pain-relieving and gastroentology agents. Tulip’s strength of research constantly classifies new therapeutic categories and sparks innovative products to curate a healthcare system that manufactures with the times.

TulipLab is one of the key contract development and manufacturing organisation for the global healthcare industry. With in-depth R&D and a cGMP complaint manufacturing unit, Tulip is the ideal manufacturer for all pharmaceutical contracts.

Unmatched quality:  All processes at Tulip are channelized to ensure that quality remains uncompromised at all stages of product development. Stringent international protocols meet the criteria of worldwide administrative requirements. Self-regulated Quality Control and Quality Assurance Laboratories, meet Tulip standards. The Tulip quality is unmatched.

Turnkey solutions: At Tulip, we offer an end-to-end solution package for nutritional products.

Expertise: TulipLab is a solid oraldose manufacturing expert specializing in:
• Multivitamin / minerals (singles and combinations)
• Botanicals (singles and combinations)
• Botanical / vitamin / mineral combinations
• Specialty formulas

To be able to create all these, TulipLab offers extensive capabilities:

• Precision ingredient weighing
• Ingredient blending
• Encapsulation (hyperlink to formulation page)
• Coating (Aqueous-based applications)
• Powder blending (Up to 500 kg per batch)
• Packaging (Complete turnkey unit for bottle packaging)


As a private label pharmaceutical manufacturer, TulipLab collaborates with various pharmaceutical and biotechnology brands.

Tulip provides their signature products to these brands as unlabelled packages. The companies supplied, brand and market these formulations under their company name. Tulip also offers end-to-end solutions which include labelling and packaging.

We provide our products for private labelling under three packaging options, to be labelled as per your commercial viability:

• Bulk packing
• Blister packing
• Sachet packing 

The Tulip Trust

At TulipLab all products are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines, with highest quality control. All products are tested by batch.

The Tulip guarantee assures that all products are made from the best quality raw materials. Our analytic and pharmacovigilance team ensures that the medical formulations are in compliance with international guidelines, for highest efficacy. Tulip Lab has a state-of-the-art facility and all products are developed under stringent international protocol.
Tulip Lab’s world-class certifications include: